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Porsche Panamera rims: Original wheels for the 970

A limousine from Porsche? Fans of the luxury car reacted sceptically to this announcement at first. But when Porsche presented the Panamera 970 in Shanghai in 2009, the critics quickly fell silent. The four-seater coupe convinces with its lightweight construction, wide open tailgates and luxurious equipment. The first models were still running with the V8 naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines familiar from the Porsche Cayenne. Since a facelift in 2013, the Panamera S and 4S have only been available with twin-supercharged V6 engines with 3.0 liters displacement. The sporty look of the saloon is causing a stir. An aggressive front and a flat rear give an idea of just how much power is under the bonnet. The rear of the 5-metre-long original version was still somewhat narrow. But with the Executive version, which is a good 15 cm longer, Porsche also remedied this small shortcoming. The dynamic appearance of the agile station wagon is completed by original Porsche rims.

Porsche Panamera rims up to 20 inch buy

The eight-cylinder V-engines of the Porsche Panamera 970 S and 4S produce 400 bhp and sprint up to 285 km/h. The most powerful model of the 970 family is the Panamera Turbo S. With an output of 405 kW (550 hp), it reaches top speeds of over 300 km/h. Great driving pleasure is also offered by the hybrid model of the luxury class saloon. The Panamera S E-hybrid presented at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show combines a V6 engine with a 288 V electric drive. In engine operation, it delivers 279 kW (380 hp) and up to 270 km/h. With the facelift in 2013, Porsche gave the hybrid a performance boost to 416 hp. The Porsche Panamera 970 reaches top speeds with original Porsche wheels and the matching rims. The original tyres are specially designed to match the construction of the dynamic saloon. You can obtain original Porsche rims for your 970 from us in tested quality. In the sizes 18 inch, 19 inch and 20 inch we also offer you complete wheels for your Porsche limousine.

Complete wheels for the Porsche Panamera 970 in tested quality

The original Porsche Panamera rims can be recognized by the golden Porsche coat of arms on the hub cover. The Stuttgart-based car manufacturer usually produces the high-quality accessories itself in the Zuffenhausen factory. The elaborately forged rims for the Panamera 970 not only fit the respective model with millimetre precision, but are also characterised by their durability. You can choose from a wide range of original Porsche rims in new and used condition, giving your 970 the exact look you want.

On request you will find not only rims but also complete summer wheels and Porsche Panamera winter wheels with firm grip and safe driving characteristics. We check all tyres and rims by hand. So you can be sure to get rims and complete wheels in perfect quality. We will be happy to send you a photo of the original part number before you buy.

You still have questions or are unsure which rims fit best to your 970? Call us (0 38 31 - 66 77 111) or write us an email ( We are happy to advise you and find the perfect rims for your Panamera 970.