Porsche tire approval - How to find the right tires for your Porsche

What tire clearance is all about

With the introduction of the Fuchs wheels, Porsche showed that too leaves nothing to chance when it comes to wheels and tires. It is therefore not surprising that Porsche also sets high standards for tires and only uses tires that meet the requirements and tests. If a tire has met all the specifications, it is verified with the Porsche tire approval or "N - marking" on the tire and can officially be installed on a Porsche without the owner having to fear a loss of warranty for his vehicle.

Why all this?

Porsche builds some of the fastest and most powerful production sports cars in the world. In order to be able to guarantee absolute safety and driving pleasure for the customer, Porsche only uses tires that meet the special requirements. This includes aspects of stability, which particularly affects the reinforcement of the flanks and the radial construction. This means that tire deformation is avoided even at sustained high speeds.

What Porsche tire approvals are there?

Porsche uses the sockets N followed by a number for the tire clearances. There are currently the following tire approvals N0, N1, N2, N3, N4, N5 and N6, with the number increasing with ongoing development. The number provides information about the technical development status of the tire tested. Tires with the identifier NA0 are used for example in the Porsche 992 and tires marked with NF0 come in Porsche Taycan used.

Are there Porsche tires?

No, in some forums and on some websites the term "Porsche tires" is often used. Porsche does not manufacture its own tires itself. You rely on well-known suppliers such as Michelin, Bridgestone or Pirelli who, like Porsche, work at the highest level, produce high-quality tires and meet Porsche's requirements.

Tire clearance N0

Tyre Approval N1

Tyre Approval N2