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Original Porsche Taycan rims: The first fully electric Porsche

There has never been anything like the Taycan from Porsche before. A Porsche with an electric heart. But that doesn't make it boring by any means. On the contrary, the Porsche Taycan is a true sports car beast.

At CW Performance Wheels, we have a selection of original Porsche Taycan rims for you to choose from. All Taycan rims and complete wheels also have the original part number. Each rim is thoroughly inspected by our experts before being approved for sale.

The original Porsche Taycan rims are, just like the Taycan itself, a step into the future. A sophisticated design makes them particularly aerodynamic. The high quality of the original wheels offers you outstanding functionality. After all, the Taycan rims have to bring the unbridled power of the electric motor on to the road. Only true originals can achieve this.

In an unmistakable relationship of pure performance and unique design, alone original Taycan rims are what is able to satisfy your vehicle.

Never forget , that your "Porsche Approved" warranty may expire. Only original parts may be fitted to your Porsche, otherwise your warranty will be invalidated.

Soul, electrified: Porsche Taycan

The first Porsche Taycan, also known internally as the Porsche 9J1 or Y1A, is a technological masterpiece. A pure electric sports car, with which Porsche not only redefines its own standards, but also challenges giants of the electric car industry, such as Tesla.

The 4-door luxury sedan is not only innovative and offers maximum driving pleasure, but also the Porsche Taycan is more than equipped for the future. The 800-volt performance battery brings incredible power and manages a range of up to 450km. Normal electric vehicles operate on a 400-volt only battery for comparison.

The engine of the Porsche Taycan reaches an indescribable 761hp in the largest variant with overboost power. This enables the Taycan to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 2.8 seconds. This makes it as breathtakingly fast as a super sports car. You feel a sensation mixed of pure adrenaline, great joy and unique moments.

Acceleration is probably the wrong word. Because the Taycan Turbo S delivers a ground breaking 1050 NM of torque. This car does not accelerate, but is on the move at insane speeds from one moment to the next. To tame such power, you need original Taycan rims. These are not only visually perfected with fine-tuning but the original Taycan alloy rims have also been aerodynamically designed. For an optimum of performance and ideal driving characteristics.

The first generation is called the Porsche Taycan 9J1 or Y1A. It was introduced in September 2019 and has been in production ever since. The base variant is the Taycan 4S. However, don't let the words "base variant" fool you. Even the Taycan 4S produces an enormous 530hp.

There are also Turbo and Turbo S versions of the Taycan 9J1. These two versions deliver what their name promises, pure speed. The Taycan Turbo comes with 680hp and the Turbo S with the ground breaking 761hp. A new feeling, the feeling of electric top speed.

Porsche Taycan models and model variants

At the CW Performance Wheels online rim shop you will find a selection of original Porsche Taycan rims and complete wheels with summer or winter tyres. We stock products for the following models and variants:

Porsche Taycan Rims Sizes

We offer the original Porsche Taycan rims and wheels in the rim sizes 19-inch, 20-inch, 21-inch. You can choose from various rim designs. We guarantee that you will find the right rims for your Taycan.

CW Performance Wheels Shop

At CW Performance Wheels, we have exactly what you need for your Porsche Taycan. To fully complete your Porsches appearance, you need original Porsche Taycan wheels. In our online wheel shop, you will find a wide range of new and used Taycan wheels and complete wheel sets as summer wheels or winter wheels.

Since only the best quality comes into question for you, we only sell original Porsche Taycan rims and wheels. To confirm this, we will gladly send you a photo of the original part number.

Our shop also offers you unbeatable advantages:

  • Original Porsche Taycan wheels including part number
  • Personal advice from experienced experts
  • Incredibly good value offers
  • Free shipping in DE - express shipping in 24 hours on request
  • Original fit guaranteed!
  • Inspection of every single rim
  • Exclusive 100 days right of withdrawal
  • 12 months warranty

We are not only shipping to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We ship the rims and wheels all over the world! If required, you have the option of express shipping within 24 hours.

Because our experienced experts examine every single rim in detail, we grant you an exclusive 100-day right of withdrawal. No one else offers you these advantages. Buying new Porsche Taycan wheels has never been easier!

If you have any questions, give us a call. Our experts will be happy to advise you in detail on the phone. You can reach us at +49 38 31 - 43 46 666, via WhatsApp at +49 174 - 29 92 382 or by e-mail at info@performance-wheels.de. We at CW Performance Wheels look forward to seeing you!