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997 Rims & Wheels

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Porsche 997 rims: Original wheels for the 911 Carrera and Turbo

With his last work, the Porsche 997, the former chief designer Harm Lagaay has fulfilled a heart's desire for all fans of the original 911. The sports car, built from 2004 to 2012, was the first since the 993 whose front was again adorned with the classic round Porsche headlights. Previously, for cost reasons, the Stuttgart-based company had used the mirror-egg lights, which were not very popular with fans and combined headlights, indicators and fog lights. Together with the up to 20 mm deeper bodywork on the S models and the now recognizable hips, the 911 finally separated itself from the Boxster again, to the delight of many fans. The Carrera 4 and 4S made a particularly aggressive appearance with a wide rear end. In combination with the Porsche 997 rims, which are standard ex works, the 911 still causes a sensation today.

Visibly increased performance for more driving pleasure

With the 997 model version, the water-cooled six-cylinder boxer engines of the Carrera and Carrera S received a substantial performance update. In the 911 Carrera, the unit delivered up to 239 kW (325 PS) at 370 Nm. The Carrera S had even more power with up to 261 kW (355 PS) and 400 Nm. It sprinted to 100 km/h in under 5 seconds. Thanks to high-performance tyres and wide rims, the Porsche 997 was almost unstoppable and easily broke through the magic barrier of 300 km/h. The extra power was recognizable from the outside, among other things, by the four tubular tailpipes. Those who felt that this was not enough power could go for the Porsche 911 Turbo from 2006. The sports car, available as coupé and convertible, was initially available with 353 kW (480 hp) and, thanks to overboost, up to 680 Nm of torque. In 2009, however, the facelift followed, in which Porsche also tweaked the performance, which finally rose to 368 kW (500 hp) and catapulted the 2+2-seater to 100 km/h in under 4 seconds. For the Turbo S, new Porsche 997 Turbo rims with central locking were available as an option, which together with the matching tyres, brought the brute power of the sports car to the tarmac in an optimum manner. To this day, the original rims are a coveted accessory for the 997.

Buy original Porsche rims for the 997

Ob Carrera, Targa, Turbo, GT2, GT3 or one of the rare special models 911 Sport Classic and 911 Speedster - without the original Porsche 997 rims, the Stuttgart speedster is missing a decisive detail. If you are looking for the coveted set of rims for your car due to damage or loss of your original wheels, you will find it with us. In our assortment you will find original rims with the Porsche emblem, which are technically and optically ideal for your dream car. From timeless Porsche classics to GT2 and GT3 rims to Carrera wheels and rims in Fuchsfelgen design, we offer you the right wheel for every car. Choose the right size and order the rims for your Porsche 997 optionally as a complete wheel with summer or winter tyres! We deliver your desired wheels cheap and fast to you! All you have to do is to have the desired wheels mounted and enjoy the ride in your Porsche!

All Porsche 997 rims are checked by us individually. Therefore we can give you 12 months warranty on all rim sets. The shipping is free of charge. If it is urgent, you will receive the goods within 24 hours. For many years we have been delivering our Porsche rims not only to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but also to satisfied customers in Europe and all over the world.

You have any questions? Call us (0 38 31 - 66 77 111) or write us an e-mail (info@performance-wheels.de) and find the best rims for your Porsche 997!