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Original Porsche 911 rims: The most perfect sports car from Porsche

It has many names. But one thing is always clear: the Porsche 911 is the epitome of the Porsche brand. This sports car is a symbol of power and agility paired with elegance and beauty. The pride and joy of Porsche!

At CW Performance Wheels, we have exactly what your 911 deserves. A large selection of original Porsche 911 rims and complete wheels with summer or winter tyres awaits you. Since only the best is considered for a 911, we only stock alloy wheels with original part numbers.

In addition, our experienced experts thoroughly inspect every rim to ensure that the quality does justice to your sports car. As much power and performance as there is in a 911 makes the highest demands. These requirements are only met by original Porsche 911 rims.

Attention: This is also important in order to obtain the "Porsche Approved" guarantee. The warranty is only valid for a Porsche in its complete original condition.

Porsche 911: A success story since 1963

The 911 is probably Porsche's best-known sports car. When you think of Porsche, the Porsche 911 inevitably comes to mind. Its success story began in 1963 with the first generation and continues to this day. Now in its 8th generation in 2019, it ranks as one of the best-selling sports cars of all time. Then as now, it thrills people's hearts and gives you unique, adrenaline-charged moments that you never forget.

It's not for no reason that the Porsche 911 is called the Carrera. These terms can almost be seen as synonyms. Yet "Carrera" is merely an internal Porsche designation for vehicles with very powerful engines.

Even though the legendary sports car has changed constantly over the years, it has always remained true to itself. The unmistakable look of the Porsche 911 and the six-cylinder boxer engine in the rear have been the hallmarks of this Porsche from the beginning on to the present day. The typical 911 has rear-wheel drive, but it is also available with all-wheel drive, e.g., as the Carrera 4.

The Porsche 911 is considered the most perfect, reliable sports car. The speed, handling and driving experience are indescribable. The 911 has been setting new standards for generations. It mixes adrenaline with pure emotion to create the unforgettable goosebump feeling that makes it so successful. A true masterpiece with legendary status.

But the 911 was not alone on its journey. It was accompanied by a good friend who remains faithfully by its side to this day. Together they have risen to become legends. We are talking about the Fuchsfelge. It was the first light alloy rim to be delivered as standard with a vehicle. The Fuchs rim was not only a ground-breaking innovation, it revolutionised the entire market. With the process of forging aluminium from one piece, Otto Fuchs introduced new, lighter and more durable rims to the market, which were far superior to cast rims. The aluminium rims that everyone loves and appreciates today for their excellent performance and beautiful design. So, the Fuchs rims were a relevant part of the success of the Porsche 911.

If you would like to know more about the Fuchs rim, take a look at our article "The success story of the Fuchs rim: from the beginnings to today".

The history of the Porsche 911

We would like to briefly show you the history of the famous 911. Where it all began and where the 911 stands today. The Porsche 911 is the successor to the very first Porsche model, the 356.

The journey began with the original model of the 911, which appeared in 1963 and was built until 1973. Initially, a 130 hp boxer engine was installed, the same engine that was further developed over the years and equipped with more hp. Like the 911 Turbo that appeared in 1966 with 160 hp, extremely fast by the standards of the time. This power was tamed by the Fuchs rim just mentioned. The first aluminium rim created for series production.

All vehicles produced from 1973 to 1989 belong to the G-Model series. This represented a fundamental revision and improvement of the Porsche 911. The first 911 Turbo S appeared in 1974, as the first sports car in which an exhaust gas turbocharger and boost pressure regulator were fitted as standard. With 260 hp, this version already had twice as much as the original 911.

The third generation of the 911 was called the Porsche 964 and was produced and sold from 1988 to 1994. This was a completely new vehicle, 80% of the parts were new. Only the body shape was hardly changed, one wanted to stay true to the successful concept. Primarily, the technology was improved and expanded. ABS and power steering were fitted as standard, which was not common at the time. The engine, with its 3.6L capacity and 250 hp, had plenty of power and offered all the more driving pleasure. In 1991, the top model, the Porsche 964 Turbo, appeared with a ground-breaking 320 hp. A true monster of a sports car.

The Porsche 993, produced from 1993 to 1998, replaced the Porsche 964. The 993 improved on the innovations that appeared in the 964 and was considered the most mature, reliable sports car in the 911 range. With its 408 hp, the Porsche 993 Turbo was the first model in the series to break the 400 hp mark.

The fifth generation is called the Porsche 996 and appeared in 1997. The 996, which was built until 2006, received many new technical improvements. For the first time in a Porsche 911, the engine was cooled with water instead of air. The exterior was adapted and aerodynamically improved. The base model produced a strong 300hp, but the Porsche 996 Turbo S produced an impressive 450hp.

The successor, the Porsche 997, was not technically changed much. Mainly, the shape was adapted to be more reminiscent of the original Porsche 911. For the first time, the designations 911 S and 911 GTS were added for particularly powerful variants.

The Porsche 991, the seventh generation of the 911, was given new construction methods. Some of the parts were made of aluminium, which led to a noticeable weight saving. The Porsche 991 was produced from 2011 to 2019 and received a facelift in 2015, the Porsche 991 II or 991.2. For the first time, a turbo engine was installed instead of a naturally aspirated engine. This led to a huge increase in performance and also the sales figures shot up. The Porsche 991 GT2 RS had an insane 700 hp and held the lap record on the Nürnburg Ring as a street-legal vehicle for a long time.

The eighth and latest generation is the Porsche 992, which appeared in 2019 and has a little more power than its predecessor. But first and foremost, there have been many digitalisations, lots of new assistance systems and technical helpers of all kinds for the Porsche 992, bringing more safety and comfort to Porsche's flagship.

Many generations and yet always the same at heart, the Porsche 911, the dream car of young and old. And the Fuchs rims where always part of this success story. Without the original Porsche 911 rims, the 911 would not be what it is today. That's why your 911 deserves nothing less than the Fuchs rims or original 911 rims. An inseparable team for more than 50 years.

Porsche 911 models and model variants

The 911 is available in four basic model variants. The 911 Coupé, 911 Targa, 911 Cabrio and 911 Speedster or Roadster. All differ in certain respects, but the 911 genes are never lost.

These variants are then available in other versions such as the 911 4 or 911 4S, which are, among other things, the vehicles with all-wheel drive. Followed by the sportier model versions such as the 911 Turbo or 911 Turbo S. Not forgetting the long-distance versions such as the 911 GTS, GT2, GT2 RS, GT3 or GT3 RS.

At Performance Wheels we carry original Porsche 911 rims and complete wheels for many of these models as summer wheels or winter wheels (also called Fuchs rims). We have provided you with an overview to help you quickly find the right model for you:

Porsche 911 rim sizes

As we want to offer the right rims and complete wheels for each of our customers, we have different designs in different sizes. We offer 911 rims in 18-inch, 19-inch, 20-inch and 21-inch.

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The high-quality Porsche 911 Fuchs rims are the only rims that live up to such a legend. If you feel the same way, Performance Wheels is the place for you!

In our online rim shop we sell new as well as used original Porsche 911 rims and complete wheels. These are your advantages in our shop:

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The geniuses behind the Porsche 911 were only satisfied with the best quality. We at CW Performance Wheels also follow this idea. That's why we only offer original Porsche rims and wheels. If you wish, we will also be happy to send you a photo of the original part number as proof.

We do not only ship our products to Germany, Austria or Switzerland. We deliver our rims and complete wheels all over the world. We also offer express shipping on request. Your wheels will then be shipped within 24 hours.

Our experts inspect every single rim and check its condition and originality. Only if the rim is approved by our experts do we put it online for sale. That's why we grant you the 100 days exclusive at CW Performance Wheels for your revocation! Buying Porsche 911 wheels has never been so easy.

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