Our "nowhere cheaper" guarantee conditions

We at performance-wheels.de provide you with the best prices and guarantee that you will not be able to get the wheels and rims presented on our website, whether summer tyres or winter tyres, at the same time anywhere else at a lower price, not even directly from the respective manufacturer, in a retail shop or other online shops.

If you have bought a set of rims or tyres in our shop, but within 48 hours you should find a cheaper offer (not private sale!) with identical conditions elsewhere, we will refund the difference.

Our conditions:

  • You have made a purchase via performance-wheels.de and you have received your invoice.
  • You will find a more favourable offer from a commercial dealer (not private sale!) within 48 hours of purchase via performance-wheels.de.
  • The offer was aimed at end consumers and referred to individual items. There were also no volume discounts from competitors.
  • The purchase offer available to you is publicly available and was not based on special conditions, special offers, clearance, stock and/or clearance sales, individually negotiated special prices and obviously incorrect offers (e.g. obvious typing errors).
  • The cheaper offer can actually be ordered, i.e. it is not based on an erroneous representation, among other things.
  • The article had the same availability or delivery time at competitors.
  • There are no differences between the cheaper offer and ours, such as the age of the tyres and rims, type of tyres, tyre brand and condition of the rims and tyres. There must also be no differences to the final prices, i.e. the prices including all additional costs (VAT, shipping and delivery costs).

Please send us the following documents within 48 hours after paying your invoice to the e-mail address info@performance-wheels.de below:

  • Screenshot of the cheaper offer and exact indication where you found it.
  • invoice number of performance-wheels.de

We will review your submitted documents as soon as possible and get back to you.