Payment Methods


When you register, you enter your bank details once and from then on you only pay with your email address and password.

It's like a wallet, only digital. With every purchase you have the choice whether you want to pay with your bank account or your credit card.

PayPal is particularly secure because you do not have to enter any bank details when shopping.

Whatever you want

By leaving your bank account and credit card with PayPal, you can decide how you want to pay for each purchase. You will not miss any bonus points that you collect with your credit card for example. By the way, you don't need to top up your account before paying.

Easy and fast

12 million German PayPal customers do it every day. You simply pay with your email address and password. And that in a huge number of online shops in Germany and worldwide. Incidentally, it’s also faster: Since the seller receives an immediate payment confirmation from us, the item will usually arrive earlier.

With extra security

Your safety is our top priority. Apart from the fact that the seller does not see your bank details, we have set up PayPal buyer protection for you. In addition, the latest encryption techniques and additional programs protect your account around the clock.

Further information can be found on the PAYPAL website
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Cash on collection

You can also pay for your goods in cash or by debit card when you pick them up.

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Payment in advance

With the payment method prepayment you can pay the invoice amount of your order by bank transfer to our account. After receipt of the invoice amount in our account, we will deliver the order to you.

For the transfer, you will receive our account details in the confirmation email, including the order number, which you should specify when transferring the invoice amount. You can make the transfer conveniently via online banking or submit the transfer receipt to your bank.

Please note that the delivery time for prepayment is extended by the time it takes for your payment to reach our account. The transfer process usually takes 2-4 working days, depending on the financial institution. The sooner you initiate the transfer, the faster we can deliver your order.

Payment in advance / bank transfer is possible for all delivery countries worldwide.

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